Install McAfee ENS on Linux – Standalone

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Install McAfee ENS on Linux

How to Install McAfee ENS on Linux systems? This guide help to achieve the same. For demonstration here used Ubuntu 18.04 OS and McAfee ENS version 10.6.9. But the commands given here best suit for all McAfee supported Linux version. Please see KB91326 for ENS supported Linux platforms.

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How to Install McAfee Agent on Linux?

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This article helps to Install McAfee agent on Linux. Most Importantly provides step by step command line (CLI) guide for McAfee agent Installation and verification. For demonstration purpose Ubuntu 18 (Bionic) and McAfee agent version 5.6.3 used here. Kindly note, this method of Installation suitable only for ePO environment.

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WordPress website page not loading

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Q: Our wordpress website hosted on Linux + Apache + MySQL. Here the issue is page not loading at all. Have did restart the apache server. Then it worked well for few seconds. Again the page stopped loading. All of my clients have seen server unreachable error. There was no configuration change been done in wordpress site. All of us sudden it happened. How to fix it quickly and make my website available to users? Continue reading “WordPress website page not loading”

Linux – How to fix high I/O wait issue?

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Linux server does not responding to application queries. The performance is too low. Underlying disks or SAN LUN’s are normal. From top output found the I/O wait is too high. But there is no I/O intensive tasks are running. While, How to fix high I/O wait issue? Continue reading “Linux – How to fix high I/O wait issue?”

Linux – delete the LUN and remove traces from OS

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In my previous article explained about how to delete disk from ASM library. In this article will learn to delete the LUN and remove traces from server. This article applicable for deleting ASM disk, standard partitioned disk and LVM physical volume. These steps works well for Redhat and SUSE. Continue reading “Linux – delete the LUN and remove traces from OS”

Linux – upgraded HBA firmware not effective

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How to upgrade FC HBA firmware and drivers properly?

We were in progress of upgrading IBM SAN SVC version.  One of the prerequisite is latest recommended HBA firmware and driver level on host systems. Downloaded and installed the latest firmware & drivers from IBM website. But found server still uses old firmware even after reboot. How to make the new firmware effective? Continue reading “Linux – upgraded HBA firmware not effective”