McAfee log file locations cheat sheet – Windows

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McAfee log file locations and names are miserable some times. The System Admin in his Initial days with McAfee will have hard time to search for logs. All the log locations are configurable through policy. But most of us work with default log location settings. Keeping it in mind, gathered log file content type, names and location details for default McAfee logger settings. This is single cheat sheet with details of most commonly used log files. I know that there are many discussion and McAfee KB available with similar details. But this Information will serve as quick reference guide Instead of reading through number of pages in Internet.

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VSE Installation fails and roll back – McAfee

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On Windows machine often McAfee VSE Installation fails either through EPO deployment or manual Installation. Surprisingly In-case of manual touch based Install, MSI Installer roll back Install operation. This is pretty much easy to troubleshoot. All you need to pay little bit attention. I took one of McAfee VSE Installation failure case to demonstrate troubleshooting.

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reassign private IP address – AWS

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Each AWS instance comes with one primary private IP address assigned to first network interface named eth0. This primary IP address will remains unchanged throughout the life-cycle of that instance. AWS also allows assigning multiple secondary private IP address for same network interface. Re-allocating or Reassigning secondary addresses can be done straight away either through console or CLI. Continue reading “reassign private IP address – AWS”

WordPress website page not loading

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Q: Our wordpress website hosted on Linux + Apache + MySQL. Here the issue is page not loading at all. Have did restart the apache server. Then it worked well for few seconds. Again the page stopped loading. All of my clients have seen server unreachable error. There was no configuration change been done in wordpress site. All of us sudden it happened. How to fix it quickly and make my website available to users? Continue reading “WordPress website page not loading”