AIX – Install awscli exclusively to current user

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On AIX platform, How to install awscli only to current user? In case non-privileged user, Is it possible for the user to do without sudo privileges?

The answer is big fat YES. It is absolutely possible. The AWS documentation may work well for other distribution. But for AIX, it requires to pass few extra arguments along with pip installer. Continue reading “AIX – Install awscli exclusively to current user”

HP UX – Get hard disk hardware details

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How to get hard disk details such as serial number in HP UX?

Use the command “cstm” to pull the hardware information in HP UX. The same can be used to collect hard disk details such as serial number, make, model and firmware rev of hard disk. The disk serial number mostly needed when replacing faulty hard disks. Continue reading “HP UX – Get hard disk hardware details”

Linux – upgraded HBA firmware not effective

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How to upgrade FC HBA firmware and drivers properly?

We were in progress of upgrading IBM SAN SVC version.  One of the prerequisite is latest recommended HBA firmware and driver level on host systems. Downloaded and installed the latest firmware & drivers from IBM website. But found server still uses old firmware even after reboot. How to make the new firmware effective? Continue reading “Linux – upgraded HBA firmware not effective”

ldapsearch command examples with advanced options

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The ldapsearch command used to query the required information from LDAP databases. The ldapsearch command can be used on many occasions with different filter statement. Various ldapsearch command examples and use cases with advanced options discussed here.

Note: Replace the password ($PASS) and ROOTDN with your server values. You may need to specify LDAP URI and authentication methods depend upon configuration. Here i am working from LDAP server.

Filter user with UID

Look for the users with given UID value. This command list the users whoever UID set to 20005. Continue reading “ldapsearch command examples with advanced options”

Network interface name changed to “renamex”

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On VMware virtual machine hot added new virtual network interface (NIC). The newly added network interface is of VMXNET3 type. Initially kernel named the new network interface as “eth0”. Post server reboot network interface device name changed from “eth0” to “rename2”. But the other existing network interface name remains same as “eth1”.

[    3.582159] eth0: NIC Link is Up 10000 Mbpsvmware-suse-guest-vmxnet3-nic
[    3.598345] eth1: NIC Link is Up 10000 Mbps
[    3.741375] udev: renamed network interface eth0 to rename2
[  130.435772] bonding: bond0: Adding slave eth1.

Continue reading “Network interface name changed to “renamex””