Get execution time of each task – Ansible

Ansible can report execution time for each task. And total time taken for playbook execution. It is more useful to estimate the time of completion as specially for long running jobs.

For ansible > 2.0, the plugin named callback comes as built-in. To enable add the shown directive to ansible.cfg. I have used and it is working as expected.


callback_whitelist = profile_tasks

Sample outputs

At end of each task, these values reported in shown format.

<Task start time stamp>  (<time elapsed by previous task>) (<current elapsed execution time for playbook>)

At end of playbook run nice formatted task list with execution time been reported.

OS upgrade task --------------------------------1806.61s
reboot server task--------------------------------80.03s
Collect package details task-----------------------3.62s

The whole output upon execution of simple playbook.

PLAY ***************************************************************************

TASK [setup] *******************************************************************
Wednesday 10 January 2018  11:29:10 +0530 (0:00:00.093)       0:00:00.093 ***** 
ok: [test03]
ok: [test04]

TASK [create user on remote machine] *******************************************
Wednesday 10 January 2018  11:29:16 +0530 (0:00:06.002)       0:00:06.096 ***** 
ok: [test03]
ok: [test04]

TASK [copy ssh public key to remote host] **************************************
Wednesday 10 January 2018  11:29:16 +0530 (0:00:00.217)       0:00:06.313 ***** 
ok: [test03]
ok: [test04]

TASK [Test the user access] ****************************************************
Wednesday 10 January 2018  11:29:16 +0530 (0:00:00.291)       0:00:06.605 ***** 
changed: [test03 -> localhost]
changed: [test04 -> localhost]

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************
test03                     : ok=4    changed=1    unreachable=0    failed=0   
test04                     : ok=4    changed=1    unreachable=0    failed=0   

Wednesday 10 January 2018  11:29:17 +0530 (0:00:00.765)       0:00:07.370 ***** 
TASK: setup ------------------------------------------------------------- 6.00s
TASK: Test the user access ---------------------------------------------- 0.77s
TASK: copy ssh public key to remote host -------------------------------- 0.29s
TASK: create user on remote machine ------------------------------------- 0.22s

For ansible < 2.0 refer the github article.

Hope it helps you. If you have any comments, please post below.

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